The Basics of Buying a Freestanding Bath

25 Jul by Michael

The Basics of Buying a Freestanding Bath

If you’re in Australia, it’s clear that the days when bathrooms were primarily functional are completely over. Now, urban homeowners in Australia often prioritize relaxation. However, bathrooms trends this year also often pay homage to vintage class through chandeliers, geometric patterns, décor, and muted hues. Of all the trends, the one that recurs the most are freestanding baths. For example, the freestanding baths Brisbane has today come in different minimalistic styles that often stand the test of time.

Modern bathrooms are places that reflect your personality. Conventional options are not even in the discussion anymore. If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, the cheapest way is to start with the fixtures before the full-scale renovating. Most of the time renovation starts with the bath. If you’re looking into freestanding baths, here are the things you could consider:


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Does form follow function or is it the other way around?

Does a bath define your bathroom, or does your bathroom define your bath? If you lean on to the former, a freestanding bath isn’t only great for aesthetic, but also for maximizing space. The best freestanding baths Brisbane has today can serve as a great focal point of your room. This will define the whole design and all the elements of your bathroom will play around it. It’s also the epitome for that chic-motel feel for bathrooms. So if you want your bath to define your design, look for baths that symbolize your style.

On the other hand, if you believe that baths should follow the bathroom’s design, there are various Brisbane freestanding baths that are being sold today. If you’re minimalist-chic, you should go for an acrylic bath with a glossy acrylic finish. If you have an old soul, there are also iron cast clawfoot freestanding baths Brisbane sells these days.


Shape of you

Considering the shape and size is all about maximizing your bathroom space. Is your bathroom spacious or minimalist? Freestanding baths often come in lengths of 1500mm to 2000mm. They can be 600mm tall and 750-780mm wide.

Meanwhile, pedestal freestanding baths Brisbane stores sell these days can be put against the wall. It’s quite an affordable luxury to have. On the other hand, if you’re claustrophobic, the slipper freestanding baths Brisbane has these days can be put in the center of the room. Slipper types are perfect for relaxing. To accentuate this, a freestanding bath on the center of your room can be matched with a small side table where you can put your body sponge and liquid soaps.


Materials—who will win?


  • If you’re the type who likes to rearrange stuff every now and then, you should choose acrylic baths.
  • They are light weight and easy to move compared to iron cast baths.
  • They cost less but do not retain heat as much as the cast iron.
  • Acrylic freestanding baths in Brisbane have center taps and a self-supporting steel frame.
  • Clawfoot acrylics are highly recommended to bathrooms that are located upstairs for easy moving. However, talk to a professional if an acrylic clawfoot bath can handle enough weight of the water.
  • Some acrylic baths are also encased in a wooden cradle.


Cast Iron

  • Cast iron baths are known to add value to your home since they’re in demand.
  • They are also sturdier than acrylic baths.
  • With proper maintenance, cast iron baths can last for decades.
  • The inside parts of cast iron baths are coated with porcelain, so they have wear resistance. However, they are extremely heavy and cost more than acrylic, but they can retain heat really well.
  • Also, even though cast iron baths are heavy (cast iron baths weigh about 300 pounds without the water weight), this is an advantage because it can also carry more water with its weight.


These materials have their strengths and weaknesses but either of them is both enjoyable and useful.

When buying freestanding baths, remember that they’re an affordable luxury and a worthy investment if maintained properly. If you want to buy one, you can check out for stylish and durable baths.

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