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28 Nov by Michael

Signs That You Need to Switch Your Freight Forwarding Company

Changing your freight shipping Sydney company is not a mean task particularly if you have one that has been serving you adequately for years. Finding a new reliable freight company will take time and you also need to put several factors into consideration. There is the additional time that you will take to train and orientate the new company on your company’s procedures, schedules, processes and service requirements. A poor choice will be very costly for your business over the long term.

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Yet freight companies can have some serious issues leaving you with little option other than sacrificing the existing relationships and jumping ship. There are warning signs that you need to consider in order not to jeopardize your future business operations. Here is a brief overview of some of those tell-tale signs that you need to look out for before pulling the trigger and making the big switch as far as your freighting needs are concerned:

Financial Stress

Financial health is a very key indicator that a particular freight shipping Sydney company is in good shape and can deliver services adequately. A freight company with financial problems is likely to cause disruptions to the normal business operations. A freight forwarding company in poor financial shape can have short credit terms and sudden demands for prepayments for freight services.

Your Business Needs Have Changed

Businesses are quite dynamic and so are their freighting needs. If your business needs have suddenly changed and your freight is no longer able to handle these emerging needs, then it is time to make the big shift. A typical example is when your business requirements have outgrown the needs of your current freight provider. Some forwarders specialize in certain niches. For example some have a specialization in air freight.

Antiquated Technology

If your freight shipping Sydney company has not updated its business information systems to satisfy the modern shipping demands, then it might be time to consider a change. Modern companies involved in the freight and forwarding business need to have a good website, online tracking tools, online quote requests, electronic billing and proof of delivery (POD). A freight company relying on outdated technology may point to a bigger management issue such as insufficient capitalization or lack of management vision.

Poor Customer Service

If your freight and forwarding company’s customer service is unresponsive, ineffectual or simply unprofessional, then it may be time to make the switch. It may be due to the fact that they take your business for granted. Because this business is customer focused, you need a provider capable of offering you serious and professional customer service on your orders.

High Employee Turnover

Does your account representative keep on changing? This may be due to a poor company culture or working conditions and is certainly a pointer to the company’s approach to management. A lousy management will certainly affect your business. Constantly changing customer representatives means you have to take time to take them through an orientation process with your processes and procedures and this certainly impacts your business.

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