Solar Energy Installation: Choosing the Right Solar Panels Company

25 Jul by Michael

Solar Energy Installation: Choosing the Right Solar Panels Company

Whether you want to install solar panels in your home or for your business, you must engage services of the best solar installing company to get value for your money. There are many solar panel companies, which complicates the decision-making process. If you are an Australian resident, you could consider the services of Sunterra solar company that supplies both commercial and residential solar panels and does the installation as well. While there are many factors to consider, some basic things should guide your decision.

Basic factors to consider when choosing a solar installer

If you search the internet, you are likely to find hundreds of solar panel companies, both local and international, that offer supply and installation services. Some of the things that can help you narrow down on your options include:

  • Insurance and Licenses: When choosing a solar installing company, you must choose one that is licensed to operate in your state and possesses some insurance. Some of the typical licenses for a solar installer include electrician, general contracting, and home improvement among others. Insurance is essential to avoid any liabilities that may arise during the installation process. At least the installer should have general liability insurance.
  • Experience: It is also important to consider the number of years that the company has been in business. Similarly, you must consider whether it has installed some solar panels before to be sure of the quality of services. While we could argue that every master was once a beginner, the experience is very crucial in solar panels’ installation due to the nature of work. You may need to ask the company for some referrals to be sure of their experience. Well, the Sunterra Company, which is an Australian solar panels company, has been in the business long enough since 2010 and has stood the test of time hence you could consider engaging it for these services.
  • Reviews from customers: The customer ratings and reviews could provide some relevant information when making a decision. If there are many satisfied customers, then it means that the company can guarantee quality to some extent.
  • The financing options provided by the company: Different companies provide various financing options for their solar panels. You should first think about the financing option you want then go ahead to pick a company that provides that option. Some of the solar panels financing options include paying on cash, leasing, signing a power purchase agreement or financing through a loan. It would be necessary to consider a company that provides multiple payment options especially if you are not sure of the option that could suit your circumstances. That way, you will get help form the company to make a decision through consultations.
  • Choosing locally or internationally: While an international company may be well established allowing it to provide more comprehensive warranties among other benefits including more payment options, going local would not hurt because a local company understands the rebates and tax incentives in your state better hence you will have no problem knowing what you are eligible for.

With these ideas in mind, you can proceed with confidence to choose the best company that will guarantee you quality services among them being Sunterra Company in Australia.

Business Name: Sunterra
Name: Donghua Wang
Address: 25/108 St Georges Terrace
Contact Name: Donghua Wang
Phone: 1300 501 810
Logo URL:
Trading Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, Sat 12pm - 6pm, Sun, 12pm - 4pm
Trading Days: 7
Payment Types: cash, credit card, cheque, direct depsoit
Year Founded: 2010

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