What to Ask Your Cool Room Sydney Suppliers

6 Aug by Michael

What to Ask Your Cool Room Sydney Suppliers

In every food business, proper storage is critical. This is why it is important to find a cool room Sydney supplier has that can provide the cool room you need for your restaurant, hotel, or food catering business.

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What is a cold room?

It is a cold storage solution for businesses that need to refrigerate or chill a large number of stocks. These include foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and IT servers and computing equipment.

A cold room can be modular or industrial and offers one large space that is maintained at the same temperature. Cold rooms are often kept at low temperatures that range from 18°C to 0°C. This ensures that goods stored inside are well preserved and that microbial action is prevented.

Cold rooms for the food and drinks industry work similarly to a kitchen refrigerator. Those used in pharmaceutical industries are installed to protect pharmaceutical products from degradation caused by higher temperatures. In the IT industry, a cold room keeps computer equipment cool and prevents overheating.

What to Ask Sydney Cool Room Suppliers

What size of stocks can you handle?

The best supplier should be able to handle stocks of all sizes. Because they can handle small to large scale stocks, they can offer scalable solutions for your growing business. You can upsize or downsize at any time.

What type of cool room storage solutions do you offer?

There are currently three types of cool room storage depending on the temperature range—chiller, medium, and freezer. Make sure that the cool room Sydney provider you partner with offers all three storage solutions so you only need to deal with one supplier for all your cool room needs.

What warranty can you offer?

A warranty gives you the confidence that the provider has done their work to ensure that the cool room they provide won’t affect your business. No warranty means business loss. This is a vital factor in cool room Sydneyhas to offer.

A great option is a one year warranty for all cool rooms installed and a full warranty for repairs and maintenance services rendered.

Do you meet the safety standard compliance requirements?

The supplier you choose must comply with safety regulations in terms of food storage. This is especially vital for food businesses that are often assessed by the food safety and health departments.

Failure to comply with safety standards could mean closure for your business. It pays to know that the cool room installed in your food establishment meets the standards.

Cool Room in Sydney Buying Factors to Consider

  • The size of the cold room that you need. This depends on the kind of stocks you need to keep cool.
  • Temperature requirements of the goods that must be stored.
    • A chiller is good for goods stored between 0°C and +18°C
    • A freezer cold room is suitable for items that need to be preserved below freezing or at a temperature range between 0°C and -40°C.

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